I’m Sharon Abra Hanen. My middle name, Abra, is related to the Aramaic for “I create”, the source of the word “abracadabra”.

I’m a creative, intuitive, deep-thinking coach who helps people make the most valuable changes in work and life (I trained with Eric Maisel, founder of the field of creativity coaching and author of Fearless Creating).

In connection with coaching, I am an advocate for creative lives, an entrepreneurial thinker, an appreciator of the neuro-atypical mind, a creative strategy advisor, and a project partner.

I’m also a writer, a poet (as much in how I see the world as in what develops on the page), an artist, and a music lover.

I write novels for young readers (upper middle-grade, ages 9-12), picture books, essays, and poetry (for both children and adults). And the occasional script, short story, and song.

I believe in great mentors, fresh raspberries, good friends, walking, singing, children’s books, sharing human connection through food and culture stories, learning and marveling, dark chocolate, the release of tears, the creative legacies of my parents (a philosophy professor and an architect – the likely source of why I like to ask questions and make things), music, hugs, a powerful sense of possibility, serendipity, and being able to help other people move towards what matters most to them.