Yes, I do take on commissions. And I am always interested in the possibilities of collaboration.

Commissions may take many forms – poems written for specific occasions or events, individuals or organizations; other forms of personal or personalized writing; text and image combinations; etc. Work may be site-specific, time-specific, or otherwise shaped to particular needs or desires. I am open to any project with an underlying celebratory quality.

I am interested in cross- and inter-disciplinary collaboration, particularly involving the areas of writing, music, visual art, & gastronomy. Projects intended for an audience of any age, a specific age, or multiple generations appeal to me — I create for children, for teens, for adults, and for any combination of ages, stages of life, or creative experience.

To discuss a commission, or the possibilities of collaboration, please contact me (with “Commission” or “Collaboration” in the subject line) at:

wellfedpoet (at) gmail (dot) com

I’m looking forward to creating with you!

Sharon Abra

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