children’s literature

golden dragon reading book

note: all works listed below are works-in-progress or currently on submission


POPPING IN PARIS (picture book)

Famous artists, extraordinary quantities of popcorn in all the wrong places, and the liveliness of Paris’ Left Bank in 1913.

Peter from Portland popped popcorn in Paris.
Bonjour, Pierre!” friends called from the terrace.

ME, MA, AND THE JICAMA (picture book)

After a grandparent’s death, a child and parent share peaceful moments preparing a favorite family food (special appearance by an often-mispronounced vegetable — say: Hee-KA-ma)

It dripped on the cutting board, little rivers silver-wet making Ma’s knife look fancy. I thought about how Ma’s ma and my Gramma were the same person. How this round lump would be different inside than what I expected.

NIGHT DOG (picture book)

Celebrating sleep, dreams, and the inspiration of night in the city.

A dark dog walks the deep night 

searching among concrete cliffs and glassy crags

listening to the backbeat of rattling trains,

the drone of rushing cars,

and the whisper of friends sharing secrets

MIRI AND THE MOON (picture book)

Some days, it seems like everything falls apart.

She kicked the sky hard, right between two bright stars. She was so mad and kicked so hard that the big round moon fell right out of the sky and broke.


EARLY EARL AND THE LATE-NIGHT SHINE (middle grade novel-in-verse)

Life is all about improvisation for almost 13-year old Earl as he searches the jazz scene of the early 1960’s Civil Rights era for the mother who abandoned him.

Read an excerpt from EARLY EARL AND THE LATE-NIGHT SHINE, published in poem form as “Sugar Shines in the Air”  by the literary journal Alimentum

BOOKBERRY AND INCH (middle grade fantasy-adventure novel)

A curious foundling boy, his kidnapped guardian, a magical library, a girl with a grappling hook, some odd Talents, and a dangerous rescue (requiring a vintage motorbike and a quantity of rather unusual chocolate)!

Inch loved the Arcary. He loved all that it stood for and all it contained. He loved the tiny drawers and hidden cupboards that others overlooked – full of minuscule vials of firefly light; assortments of collapsible miniature fountain pens; infants’ prayer beads; jewel-sized books written with single-hair brushes; small stone arrowheads that sat smoothly in his palm; working whistles woven of a single blade of blue-tinged grass; and mirrors so minute they reflected only one color of an eye’s iris at a time. 



After experiencing a traumatic assault, poetic 15-year old Lia must deal with the unexpected complications of keeping secrets. 


A PLATEFUL OF POEMS (poetry collection)

A buffet of food poems (from hard-boiled eggy to guacamole goopy) cooked up for curious eaters of all ages. Includes nonsense poems, free verse, rhyming poems, and concrete poems.

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