A few years ago, frustrated by the difficulty of finding deliciously intriguing chocolate that I could eat despite my body’s inconvenient sensitivity to cow’s milk, I began making my own chocolate combinations. Sometimes, I even shared them with others. And those others began asking me to make more and share more. And now I do – in small, celebratory, creative, custom quantities.

So, by popular request…here is the mysterious, secret way to get me to make my unique custom chocolate for you: ask!

NEW> Super-simple chocolate-making kits now available, featuring custom-combined flavor combinations! Each kit comes with specially chosen dark chocolate pieces, 3 unexpectedly and wonderfully complementary add-in ingredients (e.g. fruit, nuts, seeds), and a refillable spice grinder loaded with intensely evocative seasonings (e.g. spices, zests, salts). 

Just email (wellfedpoet at gmail dot com, subject line “chocolate please“) with dreams of what you’d love (eg. favorite flavors, the theme or occasion, allergies, etc). I’ll respond and let you know what is possible for you – it will surprise & delight!

Heads up – I rarely make the same chocolate twice!

And there’s always a poem included free with each order

***secret heads-up: I’m working on a gift book project celebrating chocolate with poetry; email me if you want to be on the list to be first to know when it’s available

For inspiration, here are some past pleasures (all non-dairy):

  • BARK:
    • peppered berry bark (with black pepper & black raspberries)
    • triple-ginger bark (a kicking combo of fresh, dried, and crystallized ginger embedded in smooth dark bark)
    • gluten-free cookie bark (cookie chunks, chocolate chips, dark chocolate)
    • spring zing bark (fruit slivers sprinkled into dark bark and dusted with fresh citrus zest)
    • fall equinox bark (apple pieces, quinoa puffs, and pumpkin seeds with crushed coriander, cinnamon, and sea salt)
    • fall fruit bark (Turkish mulberries and figs folded into dark chocolate, with a touch of lemon zest and black pepper)
    • double-vanilla coconut truffles
    • apricots dipped in smoked chile-infused dark chocolate (sweet & spicy!)
    • sweet savior spread (creamy yet dark chocolate spread saves the day – great on toast, as cookie filling, as cake icing, stirred into hot beverages for the ultimate hot chocolate, melted for fondue, tucked into fresh or dried figs for posh dessert in seconds, etc…and often loved straight off the spoon. Traditionally with a touch of vanilla, but also a joy infused with other flavors)

Simple pricing:

$50 per enchantingly creative pound of custom-created chocolate (half pound minimum order). Give as an extraordinary gift – your thoughtfulness will be deliciously remembered!

plus delivery or shipping

*if doing your special order with the right playful magic requires additional extraordinary ingredients or packaging, I’ll let you know about additional charges before you finalize your order.

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