why people love working with me


(unsolicited thanks from my clients: writers, artists, students, entrepreneurs, and other creatives)

I owe it all to you for getting this far this fast.”

“…I have grown more as a writer than I have in the past two years….”

“…I truly believe that I could not have gotten where I am today or achieve the awards, scholarships, and acceptances without your outstanding guidance.”

“…Sharon you are truly talented at what you do. I learned so much about myself and what I want to do. You showed me how to find all of that…The best part is I did it and feel successful too.”

“…you were brilliant…”

“Thank you for being so friendly, approachable, and genuine.”

“Thank you so much – you worked wonders…”

“I loved hearing your feedback, which contributed so much to my final products.”

“You really have made a major effect on my life and I admire the compassion it took to make such an imprint.”

“Thank you so much for helping…you are the best.”

“I am so pleased…Thank you for your gifts.”

“Thanks soooooo much, all your help definitely helped, and I have lots of new life skills which I can use in all aspects of my life in the future. You are the best!”

“Can’t thank you enough!”


“Sharon and I met during a Deep Writing Workshop in Paris in 2011. I recently applied for a writer‘s retreat myself and asked Sharon for help with the application process. I ended up with an hour of truly inspiring coaching and got to discover Sharon‘s talent as a highly efficient coach. Besides her very helpful manner on several practical and artistic levels, I witnessed a great example on how coaching via internet chat (and with a distance between the United States and Europe) is by all means able to produce amazing results.
Sharon assisted me in a clear and well-structured way. Very quickly, I got a clear picture of how to proceed with my application in every detail and how to choose the best text samples. In addition, Sharon contributed to my identification as a writer in a much more professional way.
What is more, her coaching was even a lesson on self-worth for me that will live on in my (writer‘s) memory… I‘m very grateful for this wonderful experience and support – thank you so much, dear Sharon!”
– Kerstin Heusinger, school founder, writer, and multi-media artist, Berlin, Germany

“Sharon critiqued a video of mine and her input was extremely useful. She approaches projects wholeheartedly and is a good listener, adept at keeping the ‘big picture’ in mind while attending to the details. She thinks outside the box, and is as much a visual person as a story-minded one. Although we did not always agree on how best to proceed with the video, those moments when we didn’t were sometimes the best, as the ensuing conversations were thought-provoking and perspective-widening. She is both insightful and kind, a rare combination!”

Susan O. Rieder, documentary filmmaker, “Exile and Community: The Life of Carola Domar”

“Sharon has the uncanny ability to take what you’ve written, ask a question, change/add a word or two and voila! the content is so much clearer and stronger. She doesn’t rewrite your work, but allows you to strengthen it through insight into the motivations and desired effect of the passage.”

Helen Kampion, writer, children’s literature (MFA, Writing for Children and Young Adults, Vermont College of Fine Arts; Treasurer, National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance)

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