Fragments, food for thought, and suggestions for creative minds:


Breathe deep. Listen. What is calling to you from the deepest places? What are your deepest creative dreams?

Now, give yourself a gift. Take 3 minutes and do 1 thing to bring that dream closer to you.


It’s happening again, and I love it. Serendipity. It never fails. When I’m truly entranced by a project, things related to it start popping up in unexpected places.

Example: because of watching some vintage footage of jazz pianist Earl Hines, I wrote a prose piece set in a jazz club. Then, I found a poem I’d written years ago about jazz, which surprised me in its power, and which  I am now revising as part of work on a collection dealing with time. Then last night, I bumped into a neighbor back in town for college vacation and found out that he loved playing tenor sax.

I promised him I’d play Lester Young next time I wrote, to see what the music inspired. It’s jazzy serendipity now, it will be something else when I need it, and most of all, I’m grateful for the reminder that inspiration builds and swirls around us as we follow our heart’s interests.

I know, as I serenade the serendipity, making sure that enjoyment surrounds it, more will come.

What serendipity would you wish for today?


Things may be busy. Things may be overwhelming. But you can be the still eye of the storm, connecting with what you need and letting the rest blow past, in magical swirling patterns that make you smile.


I’m far from the first to say it, and thank heavens I won’t be the last, but it bears repeating, especially if  you are feeling stuck or lonely in your work or life: track down your tribe.

It makes such a difference to find the people you feel both stretched by and safe with. The ones who make you laugh at the same time as they inspire you. The ones who care about making the world better in the same deep-down ways you do.

Look for signs of your tribe. Follow the trail. Track them down. Then put yourself where they can’t miss you. Where they will bump into you and it will feel like the best of old friends reconnecting, even though you may never have met before. Once you feel held in the embrace of kindred spirits, you will soar. There is nothing like the freedom that having treasured traveling companions provides.

Enjoy. Create. Share.


Sometimes fear is not best conquered. Sometimes, it is best befriended, walked alongside, and learned from.

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