travel writing




“Musing in Paris”

> a traveler’s exploration of inspiration amid the bookstores and bakeries of Paris (appeared in Fall 2011 Sashay Magazine, print edition):

Musing in Paris


“Suite Gratitude”

> unexpected hospitality in Tours (central town of the Loire valley) leaves a lasting impression and a three-part suite of culinary inspiration (appeared in Sashay Magazine, premier issue 2011, print edition)::

Suite Gratitude



“You Can Take the Girl Out of London”

> traveling on a nostalgia passport means searching for what you’ve left behind, but such a trip can only feed your soul if you are willing to find something else instead.

2 Replies to “travel writing”

  1. Hi –Just wanted to tell you. Read Sugar Shines in the Air on the Alimentum website and loved it — looking forward to reading your writing here on your blog.

    1. Thanks so much, Jane! Looking forward to connecting with you over writing here and elsewhere (I think I’ve just followed you on Twitter).

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