hear poetry here

I love words on a page. And at least as much, I love words off a page, words gliding on humming, vibrating airstreams of human voice, coming in, wings spread, to swirl and dance in the imagination of one or many.

Being read to makes me happy. So here I share audio recordings of me reading for you, in the hopes a line or two will make you happy too. Even if it also makes you sad, or contemplative, or curious, or frustrated or confused or compassionate. Whatever you experience, en-joy it.

Because the Life of the River is Longer than Mine“ and “No Burial

(two poems inspired by the comforting emotional power of rivers – link to both on audio)


To Be Merry Best Becomes You” (poem for the New Year):


In the Dark of Solstice Light” (poem for the Winter Solstice):


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