why I love working with writers, artists, entrepreneurs, & other creative minds

Writers, artists, entrepreneurs – we all make something from nothing, we all experience the stresses (and unique joys) of making something that wasn’t there before, and we all must ask deep questions about what is meaningful to pursue. We share significant challenges in common, the tools of creative decision-making have significant uses for us all, and we have much to learn from each other’s difficulties and successes.

And by artist, I include those creating work with meaning in all areas of the arts and beyond, including filmmakers, musicians, conceptual artists, creative chefs, writers of all kinds, visual artists, people creating new work in the areas of social good, business, and those creating new lives for themselves or others.

I also work with people who have creatively-wired minds and are likely to spend large parts of their lives involved in the arts, creative thinking, &/or entrepreneurship. Since learning is a creatively-connected pursuit, including those dealing with learning or working challenges.

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