coaching for clarity & creativity

Need a creative boost?

Craving clarity?

Need help navigating change?

Have a project that needs an experienced outside eye?

Have a creative mind but struggling to create up to your potential?

Overwhelmed by the challenge of life, work, or creative transitions?

I consult on creative projects (unsticking blocks and making higher and deeper levels of work possible) and,

I coach individual creators and creative teams to better know and use their own best process.

I work with creators of any age or background or field of endeavor, on their own or within groups/organizations, from writers and visual artists to songwriters and entrepreneurs.

Working with me can help you:

-understand what triggers your best work
-move through blocks
-take a creative leap forward
-take your next best step (no matter how scared you are)
-raise your creative skill level

complete the most meaningful projects

deepen your enjoyment

I combine the poet’s sensitivity to the spirit of the individual with a practical “let’s get you the tools you are missing so you have what you need to move forward” approach that creates results with true respect to the whole person and their process of development.
Ready to get started?

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