New year, new happinesses

…to be merry best becomes you; for out of question, you were born in a merry hour. “ – Much Ado About Nothing, Act 2, Scene 1

It’s become a bit of a tradition the last few years for me to share this poem around January 1st. Each time, a different bit stands out for me, helping me recognize my feelings about the year I’ve just experienced and the one about to come. Sometimes it’s the bit about buzz and electricity, sometimes it’s about the meditating mind, sometimes it’s about the internal music and rhythm.

And in some way, it’s often “face merry”, reminding me how having the option to choose my own experience of happiness, whatever the circumstances, made dealing with cancer in 2014 much more full of joy than fear, made turning a big round number on my 2015 birthday less weird by reconnecting with childhood pleasures – picnics! Pop Rocks (with chocolate)! Reminding me of bits of films and talks and music and poetry and creative encouragement that can boost my spirits in the gently enthusiastic trust-the-universe way I frequently need.

May the new year bring you surprising happiness and your favorite kinds of merriment!


>click to listen to audio recording of the poem To Be Merry Best Becomes You

A laugh unexpected,
a thought unrejected –
with the hum ~ hum ~ hum
of joy in generation.
We are generating,
our cells –
in between,
with the double-bass double-thrum,
of thought
that thought is not.
Merry meditating machines
and more,
much more –
current buzzing,
in the dim dawn of the year,
growing newness
from oldness,
gearing up
for boldness,
and musing –
perpetual emotion amusing
as we feel
our way
face merry,
face forward,
Janus in joy
at the turn of the year.


Sharon Abra Hanen

2 Replies to “New year, new happinesses”

    1. Thanks, Matt! I had extra fun with the rhythm when I got to perform it with a jazz band (complete with a double bass thrum-thrumming) a couple of years ago. Wishing you a wonderful 2015 too!

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