words and music…

My newly engaged songwriter circuits are still buzzing and humming from the weekend. On Saturday, my song “In the Spirit of this Place”, the first piece that I’ve written all the words AND music for, was debuted by the Voices for the Earth Chorus at the Musketaquid Earth Day Celebration River Ceremony in Concord, Massachusetts. It was written specifically for the occasion, and includes lines referring to the local landscape and environment.

There were several videographers there, and lots of cameras, so I’m eagerly anticipating images and footage being posted this week, but in the meantime, above is a snap of the song on paper  from the rehearsal copies of the sheet music and part of the lyric sheet.

Huge heartfelt thank you to the irreplaceable & irrepressible Voices for the Earth director Carol Hamilton, who arranged the music (and encouraged my novice efforts), and to the whole chorus for their openness to this  new piece and their dedication in rehearsing it. And many thanks to the crowd who came to participate and be such an appreciative audience – your attention and applause meant a lot to all of us.

I’m looking forward to more lyric and songwriting, and more ways of connecting music and poetry.

What are some of your favorite words and music connections?

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