trusting creative breaks…

Sometimes we find ourselves not creating much. Or creating a lot in an area we didn’t expect to, and as a side-effect, letting go of other expectations and commitments.

As active, energized, multi-project creators, almost always, something is on hiatus. Maybe it’s our primary creative work, that has been pushed and pushed into shape and lost its sense of fun, expansion, and possibility. Maybe it’s our networking with other artists, the practices we use to connect to the marketplace, or communicating as well as we might with friends and family. Maybe it’s the most beloved project on our “I want to focus on this soon” list.

Whatever it is, the hiatus, the time off, can be nurturing, a time of out-of-view growth, a chance for roots to strengthen.

The trick is, trust the invisible. Let go of guilt. You know if you are resisting the next creative move in a particular area, or in desperate need of a break. Trust your artist’s intuition and the rhythm of the work. Trust. Let go. And then let yourself come back, renewed.

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