In Communion, Mourning


compares to this.

Your tragedy is

your tragedy,

we shall not expect

it to be soothed by shadows

of others’ hurt.


Still know

as deep as you can

in the quiet dark of grief:

you are not alone.


In shock,


breaking –

we are with you.


Our hands,


in their millions,

hold your heart;


It may break, and

it will heal, and

likely break again

but it will not fall

in torn pieces

through our fingers.


We are with you

in your mourning

and with you

in your fear

and with you

as love

beyond loss

reaches you


One Reply to “In Communion, Mourning”

  1. In compassionate honor of all affected by shock, trauma, and loss. I wish there was never any reason to put this poem in anyone’s hands, but in humanity there are always hurts to heal. I share now for my beloved Boston, following the pain of the April 15, 2013 marathon. “In Communion, Mourning” was first revised for Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012 from an original (“For Norway”) written in response to tragedy in Norway, July 2011.

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