makes each day a festival…

I’ve been happily humming the refrain “Come let me show you all/ Makes each day a festival” from Dillon Bustin’s musical adaptation of Emerson’s poem about the natural beauty surrounding Concord, MA, since the Musketaquid Earth Day Festival in Concord this past weekend. One of the repertoire of nature-celebrating songs performed by the Voices for the Earth chorus to start the festival.

As a member of the chorus, it might not be my place to say we sounded terrific, but I’m pretty sure we did. It certainly felt wonderful to sing such a beautiful range of chants and rounds and folk songs, including the version of “Wade in the Water” that used my new “Let Love Flow Like Water” lyrics as the verse interwoven with the traditional lines.

The riverside ceremony launched the day’s arts and environment activities and was such a lovely reminder of the celebratory, contemplative, and collaborative beauty possible in the layering of music, sculpture, poetry, performance (both planned and spontaneous) in the service and nature and community.

I’m hoping some videos of the event will become available soon (there were certainly photographers and videographers recording the event). In the meantime, dip into Dillon Bustin’s recordings of related poetry and music, including track 2 of Willow in the Wilderness, the wondrous “Each Day a Festival”

The text of the piece, from Emerson’s poetic fragment “Sunrise” is worth lingering over (it is imbued with appreciative joy in that way that can save a day from the blues before it has even begun):

And if that leaves you feeling a little Transcendental or otherwise Emerson-ish, check out the Poetry Foundation’s intriguing biographical sketch of Emerson:

Or come hang out in Concord — the spirit of Emerson hangs around the most intriguing corners. You never know when his inspiration might catch you.

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