feeding the happy writer (or artist, musician, filmmaker…)

“You are what you eat” is an old saw, such a cliche that it’s hard to do anything but ignore it.  The somewhat less aged programmers’ line “garbage in, garbage out” is almost as tired. But more and more, as we all seem to be dancing between multitasking and mega-multitasking, I notice that we often get swept into the temptations of speed and quantity, and away from quality. We try to get more stuff into our brains and into our lives, and we try to do it faster and faster. Sometimes it’s with food, sometimes it’s with media, sometimes it’s with social commitments or “should do” projects or various other stimulants, legal and otherwise – and sometimes it’s all at once.  It becomes about efficiency over effectiveness, impulse over intuition, and chaos over creation. And then we wonder why we find ourselves suddenly in the midst of a bout of creative indigestion, unable to take in anything new, struggling to take decent care of ourselves, and feeling that despite the flood of input,  the well is running dry.

There is no complex hi-tech solution or pharmaceutical prescription for this. But there is instant help available. It costs no money, has been tested over centuries and is used all over the world. And it’s simple:

Slow down. Pause. Consider. Choose what is both beautiful (to you) and manageable (for you).

That’s it.

Allow space for calm contemplation, and magic will happen. What needs to be created will come into true possibility.

And all will be well.

(to enjoy a rather special minute of “All Will Be Well”-ness, watch the video below of solstice singing on the Concord river – I’m one of the singers, wishing you well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di3g75lns5c )

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