the first ice-cream of summer…

One swallow (of the bird type) may not make a summer, but one sweet swallow of the first spoonful of homemade ice-cream of the season does. Yesterday’s heat-wave temperatures in our area made me crave real summer food – a step beyond spring salads and the excitement of farmers markets opening.

And so, with a wonderful creative collaborator, some soaked cashews, some peanut butter, some goat’s milk yogurt, some agave nectar, and some dark chocolate, and mere minutes of blending and stirring (done with my fav vintage Oster blender and my purple Kitchen-Aid mixer with ice-cream attachment) – ta-da: the most amazing creamy whole food peanut butter-chocolate ripple ice cream. Smooth, sophisticated and oh-so special as the first truly summer product from this poet’s kitchen.

We made a stunningly good peanut butter-chocolate ice cream last summer too, which inspired this batch, but this one was quite different and yet equally enjoyable. I rarely use recipes – it’s all about combining things and playing and tasting and smelling and touching til the flavor and texture seem promising, and then letting the magic of freezing do its part, producing something that is uniquely of the moment. It’s a way to stay connected, taste by taste, with the excitement and uncertainty of the creative process. Discovery counts. If you have a totally predictable result, it’s just not as much fun, not as wonderful (full of wonder). It applies to the culinary arts as much as to the literary arts. We typically need some parameters, some structure, but:
“Writing a poem is discovering.” – Robert Frost


“If you know what you are going to write when you’re writing a poem, it’s going to be average.” – Derek Walcott

So play, surprise yourself and keep on feeding your creativity.

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