a light analogy

There are days when there is such an ease to the creative flow that I feel as if I actually glow, emanating some luminous byproduct of the creative process. The last time that happened (I write this now on a tougher day, to remind myself that it does indeed happen), I got thinking about bioluminescence, the production and emission of light by living organisms. And it struck me that there was an appealing analogy there. Take, for example, this little fact:

    All cells produce some form of bioluminescence within the electromagnetic spectrum, but most are neither visible nor noticeable to the naked eye. Every organism’s bioluminescence is unique in wavelength, duration, timing and regularity of flashes.


Universal, unique, not always obvious…hmmm…

And then there is this little spur to considering creative connections:

    Bioluminescence is thought to play a direct role in communication between bacteria (see quorum sensing). It promotes the symbiotic induction of bacteria into host species, and may play a role in colony aggregation.


Hey, if bacteria can build community by sharing some of their brightness, what’s to stop us multi-trillion-celled creatures?

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